How would you like to have a dog calmly greet you and your guests when walking through the door?

Want to build memories and take your dog on outdoor hikes?

Are you tired of being pulled down the street and dreamed of being able to enjoy those walks with your dog?

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Want a dog that listens? Frustrated from feeling embarrassed because your dog isn't well behaved?

Tired of having to chase your dog when he escapes from the car, yard or home?


UNLEASH your dog's potential 


STRENGTHEN THE BOND with your canine companion



STRESS-FREE home training

Take your best friend on those long road trip adventures as your co-pilot.

Stop at the local coffee shop or restaurant to catch up with friends or read up on the local news while your companion relaxes beside you.

Snuggle up on the couch to watch your favorite tv show or movie.

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How would you like to take your companions on a vacation with you?

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Future best friends can be a reality





Benefits of Our Training Programs

 We offer great in-person dog training services as well as excellent virtual training both from the comfort of your own home.  By training your dog in his/her real-life environment, maximum results are achieved.


Perks of in-home training:

  • Flexible Training Schedule

  • Involve The Whole Family

  • Helpful & Immediate Feedback​

  • Fun & Effective Learning​

  • ​Suitable for ALL Dogs

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