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Sarah O'Shea


Sarah O'SheaABCDT


Like many families, we had young children when we adopted our first dog Clarabelle. Managing three young girls and a puppy was a challenge.  After a visit from a friend was cut short due to chaos that ensued from active kids and an out of control pup, we decided that we could benefit from structured training classes.


I could not have imagined how this decision would change my life.  Not only did we learn how to manage a rowdy pup through a structured routine and positive rewards, Clarabelle learned how to greet visitors in a polite manner, walk nicely on a leash, and other positive puppy behaviors. We discovered that training seemed to tire her out which even reduced her exuberant bark and destructive chewing.  I actually felt like we had a better understanding of our dog and she knew what was expected from us.  I only wish that we could have included our entire family in our training classes.


What I could not have imagined, was how our household was calmer and the entire family was living peacefully.  This process sparked an interest in me professionally and a passion that lead me to pursue a career in animal behavior.  

I became certified through Animal Behavior College as a trainer.  I have 10 years of training experience, with 8 years specializing in training and enrichment for shelter animals at Dakin Humane Society and Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center.

Through the years I have worked with countless dog owners.  I have many years of expertise teaching group classes as well as individual behavior consultation.   


I believe that a mentally and physically stimulated dog makes a balanced dog. Dog training should be fun for everyone and a wonderful bonding experience. Behavior modification can occur in any dog;  even old dogs can learn new tricks.

When I am not training dogs I am enjoying my time with my 3 daughters, 3 dogs, and 1 cat  I also like to garden and go camping with my favorite folks. You can find me at any time at a hockey rink and at a softball field cheering on my youngest. 

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