K9 Elite Programs

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Helping meet the needs of


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by your dog's behavior?

  • Has training your dog been a struggle?

  • Is your dog's behavior impacting your life?

  • How would you like your dog to be the envy of the neighborhood?

  • Would you like to be complimented on how well your dog behaves at family gatherings?

We can help you train your dog to learn to not jump on your guests, to walk politely on a leash, to come when you call your dog, and so much more.


  • Our training programs ensure that your dog and you receive personal attention by limiting the number of dogs and families we work with which allows us to give you our full attention.

  •  We strongly believe that we don’t just train your dog, we train you and your family, too. We teach you what you need to know to maintain your dog’s training.

  • All of our programs include free support, and many include free refresher training and free follow-up.

  • We value the investment you are making in training your dog and our results give you peace of mind that you’ve made a solid investment!


Have you dreamed of having a dog that listens and behaves? You’ll have the undivided attention of your personal dog trainer while training your dog in the comfort of your home. 




Do you and your family have the time and energy to take a hands-on approach to training your dog? If you answered yes then this program is for you. You’ll work with your personal dog trainer as you gain the confidence to work with your dog.

This program offers:

  • 6 Private Lessons

  • Obedience Commands

  • Detailed Training Instructions

  • 6 Months of Support via Phone, Email, or Text

  • Training Tools included- Clicker, Pouch, Training Lead, and Treat Rolls 

  • 1 Polish Lesson to be used in the future

  • And More



Our most popular program


Having a dog that listens every time and is well behaved not only makes you proud but, it brings you peace of mind. This program is ideal for the family that wants to establish a strong foundation of obedience training. This program gives you peace of mind and is loaded with excellent bonuses! 

This program offers:

  • 10 Private Lessons

  • Obedience Commands

  • Detailed Training Instructions

  • Coming When Called

  • Walking Nicely On-Leash 

  • Impulse Control (self-control) Exercises

  • Behavior Change: Barking, Mild Reactivity, Digging, Chewing on Things, Moderate Resource Guarding (not sharing), Overly Excited (Arousal)

  • Games R Us

  • Unlimited Support via Phone, E-mail, and Text For The Life of Your Dog

  • Training Tools- Clicker, Pouch, Training Lease, and Treat Roll

  • 1 Polish Leash To Be Used In The Future

  • ... And much more




Get your puppy started right with our Blue Puppy Program. Private lessons help you develop a sound relationship with your puppy.

This program offers:

  • 4 Private Lessons

  • Detailed Training Instructions

  • Tools- Clicker, Pouch, and Treats

  • 2 Months of Support via E-mail or Text




Imagine being able to feel the joy, excitement, and happiness of bringing a puppy into the family without the stress of a rambunctious,  Landshark.  We can eliminate the worry and struggle for you through our Maroon Puppy Program. This program gives your puppy the best beginning. Give yourself the gift of a well-behaved puppy! 


This program offers:

  • 8 Private Lessons 

  • Puppy Care-Housetraining, Puppy Mouthy, Crate Training, and Jumping Tips

  • Obedience Commands

  • Detailed Training Instructions

  • 4 Months of Support via Phone, E-mail, and Text

  • Training Tools- Clicker, Pouch, and Treat Roll

  • And Much More

New Puppy No Problem 

Are you bringing a new puppy home? Do you wish you had someone to help you prepare for the new bundle of joy? Is this your first pup or has it been a long time since you had a puppy in the home? There’s a lot to do when you add a new puppy to your family. Let us help you be ready for the newest member of your family. 


This program offers:

  • 3-hour session Puppy-Proofing 101, set up puppy a space of their own, building a routine is key to success and more 


  • Essential Puppy Survival Items: crate and supplies,  chew toys lots of ‘em, puzzle toys, training treats, good puppy-pee remover, and house training tools 

  • Discount on one of the puppy programs to continue puppy training and success


A La Cart Packages


These packages target specific behaviors.





Positive Care R Us



Helping your companion to feel comfortable while grooming, getting nails trimmed, teeth brushing, wiping paws, or bathtime. 




Greetings R Us     

Teaching positive greetings when visitors enter the house or approach your pet.  You will learn strategies to keep your exuberant K9 companion from greeting people in a rude manner.





Walks R Us

We will guide you and your family through the steps of teaching loose leash walking by captivating your dog's attention and making your walks with your dog actually ENJOYABLE!





Games R Us     




This package is about engaging your family and dog in a little fun!  But it is more than fun.  Activities are designed to work your dog's brain at the same time.  We may engage in some of the following activities:

  • Scent work

  • Enrichment activities

  • Learning new tricks

  • Targeting objects

  • And more!

All A LA CART Each $250.